Running: Always in Season

run in the rain



In preparation for my next running event, I found myself faced with the obstacle of staying in and “treadmill” training or embracing these past two days of rain with a practice run in the rain. I’ve trained in cold 30-40 degree weather and hot sun, even got caught in the rain after starting a run in fairly mild weather. However, today was a little different. Mother nature was testing me, to see how prepared I was to call myself a “true runner” and “half marathoner”! So as I starred at the window for two days watching this rain, on day two I decided I had had enough. Even if I only do a super short run, I’m getting out there in it!


push your limits



So needless to say, I only did about 3km in the rain; a run is better than no run at all in my book. Plus, it wasn’t your typical spring time light drizzle, but not storming either, more like a shower, but it felt good. I am glad I did it. It was very refreshing and rejuvenating. Today being Easter Sunday for most, for me I consider it Resurrection Sunday,and this rainy run felt like I had resurrected and refreshed my body for training. I felt like a champion, a winner, a road race-half marathon finisher! It made me remind myself, what if it rains on race day? are you going to quit? drop out of the race? NO! You’re going to get out there and just RUN!

running in any weather


So I say all this to conclude that a true runner knows no limits and Running knows no season! As a matter of fact, its always in season. Rain, Sun, Snow, or just plain ice cold. Weather is no object when you’re a Runner! And you know you’re a true Runner when….

train hard


Until the Next Time

~Gone for a Run~



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  1. I strangely find it easier running in the rain, good on you for getting out there. There’s nothing worse than feeling frustrated when you cant get out there 🙂

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