The Vulnerability of a Runner

The Vulnerability of a Runner

Physical exhaustion, depleting lung capacity, sore muscles and fatigue. We are delicate beings, especially at the closing in of the finish line of a marathon or even a half marathon. So the audacity of a human being to plant explosives at the finish line of an endurance race is beyond inhumane, its down right evil.


As a first time half marathoner earlier this year, I know first hand the mere terror of experiencing complications such as severe bronchospasms and wheezing as I closed in for my first half marathon finish. My biggest fear is that my whole throat would close up on me and I’d completely stop being able to breath. I don’t have asthma, but have heard reports of people having asthma attacks at the end of such races. To push the human body to such limits of vulnerability and have someone literally attempt to take your life is beyond terrifying. It’s one thing to feel like you’re dying from shortness of breath, but to literally be blown to pieces is an image no runner ever wants to imagine at their finish line experience, whether its their first or 100th time running.


Praying for the families and runners effected by the Boston Marathon Explosion. Its disgraceful, that cowards must attack innocent by-standers and athletes because of whatever spite they have against our country or politics. People who are weapon-less and can’t even defend themselves lose their lives over a disagreement that has nothing to do with them. It rips my heart into pieces and almost makes me afraid to hit the pavement for another race, for fear that this may become a trend. As much as I love running, this is simply not fair.

run in the rain

I will run again…..because I know who I serve and who holds my future. The running community will fight back and we will survive! This storm of terror will pass!


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