On the Run….

So, I have adopted the 5K/Day Method this year, so far so good. Today is Day 7, as I started December 29th, 2013 a few days before the start of 2014. I feel great, despite minor injuries that I still manage to function on. Sore knees or the possibility of hairline fractures or simply just sprains in my metatarsals in my right foot, still I get myself up and run.  All in all the running is good for my mental psyche these days. Sometimes I wake up feeling like this:

feel like screaming

I don’t always run at the same time of day either. Sometimes I wait until my mood improves, then I realize a good run is what I need to boost my mood, other times it may just depend on my work schedule that day when I get my run in, and here lately, when the sun’s out and what the thermometer says the weather and windchill is outside! Not a fan of 20 degree runs, been there done that at my last half marathon on Thanksgiving 2013, don’t care to train in it though! However, gotta do what you gotta do!


So, likewise we are at day 7 of 5K a day for 2014. I got about a 3 day head start, so it’s technically only day 4, but whose keeping up anyway, except me and my Nike+ run tracker….lol!

MyNike+ Activity

My run tracker has also told me I’ve burned over 1800 Calories this week, which to be exact I’ve burned 2,100 Calories this week with running alone. I still weight train, and those calories don’t get counted or tracked anywhere, so I’m probably burning anywhere from 2,500 to 2,700 Calories per week by doing this, not to mention the EPOC affect that increases my metabolic rate for a period of time post work out, burning a few extra calories in the process. So despite how much I hate running in the cold, I do it, and plus most road races are during the fall/winter season anyway, so I gotta get over it!

bundle up and werk


Until Next Time….I’m On The RUN…..


~ Candice Maria ~


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