My Flipping Dog Wild Thing Yoga Practice!

My yoga mat is not only my teacher, she’s my friend! Supporting me as I learn and catching me when I fall! For many years, my relationship with Adho Mukha Svanasana, or downward facing dog posture has been a rocky one. Tight hamstrings, shoulder frustrations, and then some. To hold this posture for 5 breaths in practice or until the teacher stopped talking in a class was an uncomfortable mental and physical battle for me! I’ve grown to get along with my downward facing dog asana, since beginning my yoga teacher training this past January and today in my personal practice we even played a little game! I MADE THAT DAMN DOG FLIP! LOL! And it felt so liberating! He’s my new best yogi friend now! 😉

~Love and Light~

~ ♡Namaste ♡~



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