Homemade Egg White Vegetable Medley Quiche

So yesterday, I was out to lunch and had a delicious slice of spinach and artichoke quiche! However,  it was restaurant style and quite greasy, salty, and heavy. Not really my thing when it comes to food. It’s been quite some time since I’ve eaten quiche, which is what promted me to order it, which however, reminded me that at most occasions the restaraunt style, boxed pre made processed style of any dish, goes against everything I currently believe in putting into my body!

So today, I felt inspired to experiment. Never having tried my hand at making quiche,  I looked up the general basics and added a holistic twist as I do with everything I cook these days!

I juice regularly, which inspired the vegetable medley pie filling for the dish. If you juice,  try saving the pulp once in a while after you clean the juicer, that stuff can be utilized for cooking, baking, smoothie mixes, and more!

The crust was of course inspired by my detest for refined sugars, plus also considering my gluten free friends.  I used a combination of coconut and almond flour, along with flaxseed meal. Giving the the final product a delicately sweet,  yet nutty taste.  Not to mention the iron, fiber, and protein richness of the ingredients themselves!

Lastly on my quest to win the battle on heart disease and diabetes for the sake of people such as my father, is what inspired the egg white and unsweetened almond milk factor. Got to keep cholesterol and excess simple sugars low!

All in all it turned out well! See my step by step photos below! This is definitely something I will be adding to The CLEAN NUTRITION PROJECT Meal Prep and Planning Menu in the future!

Step 1: Preparing the Made from Scratch Pie Crust



Step 2: Prepping the Filling, the Vegetable medley



Step 3: Putting it all together



Step 4: Bake and Enjoy


Step 5: Bon Appetit


Until next time, EAT CLEAN,  STAY ACTIVE #TheCLEANutritionProject



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