The Chakra Journey: Week 2

“Creating my #sacralspace balancing my yin with my yang, mixing my energetic creativity with calm serenity, two worlds merge” ~ @iamcandicemaria

Chakra Journey photo contest - Sacral Space

“Balancing my Yin with my Yang” ♎♎♎ creating my #SacralSpace practicing at the yoga studio between teaching classes bringing balanced serenity to my world! #auracacia #chakrajourney #UtthitaTrikonasana #sacralchakra #balancingacts #YinYoga #AshtangaYoga #YinYogini #AshtangiYogini #swadisthana #hips #hipopeners #emotions #creativity #energetic #yogablisstuscaloosa #radiantbalanceyoga

Please be sure to vote for this picture at the AuraCacia photo gallery!


This week’s #AuraCaciaAromatherpy Chakra Journey photo contest is focused on balancing the #sacralchakra  visit this link: Candice’s Chakra Journey  to vote for my photo as seen above in this post that is a part of the chakra journey photo contest, it only takes 2 seconds!

Get involved: you don’t have to be a yoga teacher to participate in this journey and photo contest,  I actually encourage you to participate if  you are a yoga practitioner, student or just curious about the Chakra system to jump in and demonstrate how you balance your chakras each week. You can learn more about becoming a part of the journey from my chakra journey link above!


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