This Yogic Life – Part 1: The Guru Asana

So, my yoga practice isn’t perfect,  sometimes I fall down.  Just like in real life, when you fall, bumps, bruises, and all what matters most is whether or not you get back up!

The following images depict my journey back up after a nasty spill in my practice back in June! The toe is all healed up, but the significance of this accident was that it occurred just a couple of days before I was scheduled to begin my first official job as a yoga teacher! Determined not to postpone my first day on the job, I bandaged that foot and babied my way back to the mat, continuing to practice for hours each day before my first scheduled day of class, even went to class the day before my scheduled class to practice with one of my soon to be colleagues and favorite yoga teacher. Needless to say I taught that first day with a band-aid on my toe and I’m glad that I did. It showed me just how strong I am and how much I love practicing and teaching yoga.

#PracticeStrong #PracticeOften #yogaeverydamnday! #Namaste!







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  1. You are very strong and I applaud your effort. It takes a lot of courage to get up, dust yourself off, and keep going. As a new instructor myself, I can totally relate.

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