This Yogic Life – Part 2: 30 Surya Namaskara A Day

The things that evolve from your practice late at night.  After getting home from work Tuesday evening and hitting my mat after a 30 minutes walk on the treadmill I set a timer: 30 minutes, and simply began working through Surya Namaskara A taking the time just to salute myself for practicing at midnight as the creative energy that evolved was amazing!


A relaxed mind,  is a creative mind.

~ Yogi Bhajan


I took my time flowing through my practice,  taking time to stop and ponder, meditate in gratitude,  and decompress my mind and body from pinned up frustrations,  fears, and emotions.  I pondered my future,  where I saw myself going personally,  professionally,  and spiritually. I even played around with a few challenging postures that I am determined to master some day.


I only managed to complete 10 sun salutations in that short period of time which included a brief savasana but all in all I’ve decided to challenge myself to do 30 sun salutations a day for 30 days! I’ll update you as often as possible on how that’s going,  until then #PracticeStrong #PracticeOften #YogaEveryDamnDay #Namaste


Peace, Love, and Light ~ OM Shanti ~ IAM Candice Maria

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