This Yogic Life – Part 4 – Invert The Practice

So continuation of Part 3 and the cultivation of a daily practice of 30 Sun Salutations a day can present to be challenging,  however even if I miss fitting all 30 in each day,  I will always #gettheeffupsidedown! Why? Because it’s rejuvenation for the entire body and mind! Gives the same blissful rush I get after finishing 30 Suraya Namaskar back to back.

Headstand Up to Wake Up

So if you haven’t quite made the mark at 2 weeks into the start of this journey,  tell your yogic mind to have no worries, just get upside down!

Upside Down and Tucked in

Another factor that has effected my ability to belt out my 30 Surya Namaskar is my food and training regimen for my upcoming fitness competition,  needless to say the energy isn’t there most days, so I get upside down for as long as this yogi can tolerate to boost my blood pressure,  metabolism,  and energy to go about the rest of my day,  I still warm up with my Sun Sal’s but I just don’t do as many.

Until next time….#PracticeStrong, #PracticeOften #OM #Shanti #Namaste



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