This Yogic Life – Part 5: Wake Up to a Leaner You!

Preparing for my 8 hour Savasana

Just sharing a quick note about my new evening ritual.  Cardio, yoga, and ab work before bed.

How I plan to fall asleep and wake up every day with tight and toned abs and a lean and fit body!

Cardio of choice – 90 minutes max inclined walk on the treadmill.

Yoga practice of choice,  inversions based. Inversions are yoga secret fat burners. They boost metabolism by helping the heart shunt more blood flow to your endocrine glands that control your hunger and satiety response as well as metabolism and stress relief hormones causing them to produce more of their designated hormones to be available to work throughout the rest of the body.

Ab work can vary. Tonight I chose basic crunches, reverse crunch over head leg raises or half plow pose, and side lying leg raises.

I am not claiming this bedtime ritual to work for everybody,  but it is truly a blissful journey should you choose to embark on it.  If you don’t know yoga, take a few classes,  watch some videos or research a few simple postures before you begin this journey. Find some calming music to listen to and allow your body to dictate each movement and just go with the flow!

Also,  there are no guarantees you’ll wake up after night one with flat abs or a 6 pack, but you will sleep better,  and over time as you eat better and sleep better and increase your practice,  your body will change.

Until next time…Practice Strong,  Practice Often. ..Namaste



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