This Yogic Life – Part 6 – Yoga Nidra

Wake up and fall asleep into your practice. Live your practice on and off the mat.

Yogis in India

Sleep like a yogi, wake up like a yogi,  and live life like a yogi. I find it interesting how connected the ancient yogis seemed to be with the ground,  sitting on the ground,  the floor, etc. was an everyday part of life in Ancient India. This concept has always fascinated me to the point that I had begun pondering a challenging personal experiment of my own. Plus since graduation from my yoga teacher training,  my biggest desire was to have space for a yoga room.


So after I recently relocated all of my furniture to my “apartment” at my parents home, I blatantly decided, after arranging the furniture in my bedroom, that I wasn’t going to construct my bed. A beautiful robust mahogany wood Ralph Lauren queen sized bed, still sits in pieces unbuilt against the walls of my bedroom. 

The bed I won't sleep in for now

So where do you sleep you ask?…. I had an epiphany about a month prior to the move that I had an empty bedroom with nothing but my yoga mat in the center of the floor that I slept on and practiced on. So to answer your questions,  I sleep on my yoga mat.


Sounds crazy I know however,  I sleep great,  it’s like savasana every night.  I added some extra padding and a pillow and favorite stuffed animal from childhood for comfort,  but all and all the experience has been invigorating.  I wake up feeling vibrant,  creative, enlightened,  and ready to journey into my yoga practice, life, and beyond.


So my yoga nidra lifestyle may come across as a little extreme,  but it’s a test run of a vision I had, and proof that it’s okay to test out the random thoughts in my head, they’re not so scary in real life and truly are attainable!


I’m definitely not suggesting that you empty your bedroom and sleep on your floor on your yoga mat in order to invigorate and enlighten your life, that’s just my trip at the present moment, but I do dare you to find that awkward habit that hankers in  your inner being yearning to come out, and test it out, and see where it takes you!

Until next time Practice Strong,  Practice Often. Love and Light to all.



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