Natural Bodybuilding – Part 2 – Staying Nourished

Competition Weekend food

So more on last weekend’s competition. My streamlined version of my diet is what you see above. This is what I packed and traveled with for the weekend of the show.

Novice figure pre - judging

My command from my coach on the day of the show was to wake up early  and eat a small portion of tuna, no carbs, sip some black coffee and very little water then go kill the stage in 3 hours. Needless to say that I did and don’t think for a minute I could just go kick back and eat until the night show that evening! Coach said, pics first then I’ll let you know if you can eat…… outcome “eat something healthy,  but no carbs” so imagine how excited I was about my #albacoretuna that afternoon.!

Excited to have my 2nd meal on competition day

The process that got me to the day I stepped on the stage are the foods and meals you will see in the following pics. Not an all inclusive list,  but trust and believe,  to get results you have to be willing to do without. My meals are low carb, low fat, high protein. My fat intake is healthy unsaturated and my carbs are complex… you have to choose to eat differently to be successful! I’m used to it, I prefer these foods over the common alternative because I love how my body feels when I eat clean!

Trust the planning,  Trust the process…#EatClean #TrainDirty!

That Cashew Mylk - Trust the Process
That meal prep - Trust the Process
The Diet - Trust the Process

Stay tuned for Part lll …..



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