Natural Bodybuilding – Part 4 – Post Competition Celebration

Binge Clean – eat healthy,  fun and nutritious. Yes 1st thing I laid hands on were some carbs in the dressing room backstage… bruised banana anyone?…lol!

Post competition fit food "binge"

Get home to change clothes for the post show Ruby Tuesday meet,  greet, and critique and grabbed hold of a bowl of sweet potato,  broccoli


and a couple scoops of my food addiction #cashewbutter


So yeah my post competition “binge” was all healthy food… #dontjudgeme! …lol! Even after attending the Ruby Tuesday meet, greet, and critique with the judges after the show, it resulted in a salad to go as my meal choice!


The reason? I have another show to prep for that’s why! I #refuel my body for performance,  not for pleasure, it’s a huge difference!


But please believe every bit was devoured before the night ended, my muscles were famished.!

Stay tuned for Part 5…..

#EatClean … #TrainDirty….



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