Something About Human Performance:Creating a Career from Your Passions

There’s just something about human movement,  movement to me is life, energy,  and growth.  A body in motion is a healthy body.  Stagnation symbolizes death, disease,  and the dying process. No other professional track have I found studies everything that gives life to my soul and ignites my passion than the following terms listed and defined below!

“Exercise is Medicine”




Exercise Physiology


Medical Research


Preventative Medicine


So I’ve embarked recently on a journey to earn my Masters Degree in  Health and Human Performance with a concentration in Exercise Physiology,  Thesis track.  After all the years I spent working as a Registered Nurse,  I realized shortly after becoming a fitness professional as a hobby, that what I was most passionate about nursing didn’t fulfill.


During undergrad all we learned was how to “treat”

“cover up” or “accept” diseases. Very little emphasis was put on prevention,  conducting research,  and the improvement of health naturally.  Basically finding solutions,  fixing problems, or administering skilled actions because “the doctor ordered it” like we were supposed to be brainless zombies that simply were supposed to do as they were told because someone said so, whether it was a doctor in the clinical setting,  or a textbook in the classroom setting.  However,  nothing truly was ever questioned from either source,  just that we were supposed to know that it was “evidence-based” information and decision making,  critical thinking as they called it. However,  what I wanted answers to never came out of those sources. I wanted to do more and be more! I wanted to push the envelope of tradition and so called “evidence-based” practice (EBP). I wanted a voice in the industry, a platform for change! I was tired of just accepting statistics! I wanted to change them!


I get awkward looks and comments a lot when I tell people I’ve left the nursing profession. Most only see the surface,  and say “what about the money you can make?!” Life is more than that to me! I want to be legendary,  if money comes with it great,  if not, I don’t care because I still left a mark on the modern medical industry, the health care community, and humanity as a whole and that my friend means more to me than being some mindless zombie with a meager paycheck.


So anyway,  off to a fresh new start and new beginning for the career I was intended to have.

“The only failure in starting over, is not starting at all!” 



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