Isolate and Grow: Nourish Your Goals

The following blog will show you step by step how I #IsolateandGrow with the help of my #IsoBag!


Step 1 : Stock up on healthy food and clean eats! Can’t eat healthy if your kitchen isn’t healthy!


Step 2: Pick a cooking day. Cook as much as you want to have ready in advance. I typically do 2 to 3 days worth because I’m in competition prep.


Step 3: Fill the handy containers. How nifty are these! I typically store what ive cooked and fill my containers nightly for the next day’s worth of meals.


If I know my schedule is going to be super hectic I will fill containers for 2 days worth of meals.

2 Days Competition Prep meals

Step 4: Refrigerate until morning or Pack your #IsoBag. If you filled your containers for the next day or several days just place everything in the refrigerator.


If you filled containers specifically for that day go ahead and pack your bag.


Step 5: Hit the ground running,  your #IsoBag has you covered! As a busy full time grad student, yoga teacher , fitness trainer, part time nurse and figure competitor staying fueled with healthy food on the go is essential to my success.

The following are just a few highlights from a typical day with my #IsoBag:

4:30 am workout at the gym
Study break in the park before class
Teaching yoga in the community

The list goes on! Trust the process,  trust the bag and #IsolateandGrow!

Until next time. ..#EatClean…#TrainDirty



Don’t forget to visit Isolator Fitness to vote for me to become your next #ISOAmbassador

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