Natural Bodybuilding – Part 5 – Dealing with Comment”Haters”


So with any level of success comes the topic most don’t like to talk about…. jealousy,  ignorance, and down right mess.

The spin off for this post will be on “Gym Pet Peeves” & “Gym Etiquette” which I will post eventually…lol,  as well as the prior post entitled “Unapologetic Swagger”

2014 IFPA/NANBF Global Cup Championship

In life if you aspire to reach beyond the mundane of comfort zones and live more than a mediocre existance you will be tested.

I call this the phenom of having ‘”Devils” among you’! These are the people who inadvertently and even intentionally do the following to your ambitions:

Distract – (verb) “to prevent (someone) from giving full attention to something.”
These are the people who will stop you mid workout with conversations and questions about your life,  what you do, your workout,  etc. Cut them short as before you know it they will talk you out of your next set or your turn on the stair mil.

Comment – (noun) “a verbal or written remark expressing an opinion or reaction.” These come out of the mouths of people who don’t know any better,  especially if they are negative.  The solution is to ignore them and laugh them off as ignorant.

Block –  (verb) “to make the movement or flow in (a passage, pipe, road, etc.) difficult or impossible.” Similar to the distractors, people who behave in this manner at the gym don’t talk, they watch and act. Literally stalk your workout looking for ways to become (noun) “an obstacle to the normal progress or functioning of ‘something’,” with that someone or ‘something’ being you, your workout,  and your progress towards your competition. Keep your eyes open and work the gym floor smart, fool them at their own games!

Criticize – (verb) “indicate the faults of (someone or something) in a disapproving way.” This may initially seem similar to “comment” but it’s on a whole different level! Someone who criticizes your ambitions issue not just a negative comment,  but one laced in judgement! These are harder to laugh off because they are usually delivered with “a force of,  they’re judgements of you are right and you better do something about it!” Usually issued in a more directive manner than a comment,  however both come from an ignorant mind. So fight the urge to acknowledge it! Examples I’ve experienced were direct criticisms about my body, the pointing out of flaws that I was already fully aware of, with the persistent advocation  of what I needed to do about it. The biggest issue is that, the critical person was neither my competition coach or a judge at any of my shows, and worse not even a competitor themselves. In fact they weren’t even fit!  So their criticism and advice ultimately no merit,  yet they blatantly pounded me with it, on the day before a competition.

So, the above outlines what I have personally experienced on this journey into natural bodybuilding. However,  these same types of people can be found in any ambitious endeavor you pursue in life, whether professionally,  academically,  or athletically.  Keep your eyes and ears open and stay prayed up. Do not be shaken by their ignorance.

Until next time. …#GracefortheJourney #PrayHard…#PrayOften….and #Elevate above the rest!


2014 Global Cup Championship - T-Walk

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