Genetics? It’s Called Hard Work

The Million Dollar Smile of a Dream Chaser

If you took a journey back in time in my life up to today, you would debate heavily the potential of this once round child transforming naturally into a competitive figure athlete.

1st Place Open Figure Tall NANBF Global Cup Championship

Bad or Good genetics? Neither its called get off your ass and stop making excuses.

Lift heavy...Lift often...Work

I have been asked recently was I just “genetically lean and built? However flattering, I simply replied,  nope, “just hard work and eating right”.

Sample Grocery Cart

People always want to tell me how much they already work out,  but when I ask about their nutrition and eating habits,  things get uncertain. “Oh I eat clean, I eat this, that, and the other!” Then I hit them with well how much are you eating? Are you getting enough protein? Limiting your simple carbs? And it’s “case closed”  nothing left to say or the excuses begin about how they can’t maintain this or that. The macros tell all! You have to adjust the diet in order to perform at optimal potential and see results from your workouts! Sometimes it requires sacrifice and at all times commitment,  something the majority of people just aren’t ready for.

Sample off season macros breakdown

I believe in clean flexible dieting. Flexible doesn’t mean go crazy and eat what you want, hence why I call it “clean”! Fuel your body with a wealth of healthy food choices of your liking! That’s the “flexibility” part!


So no I’m not a genetic miracle. This body wasn’t built overnight. It’s a testimate of focused dedication to my physique, my health and my future!

Until next time. .. #EatClean…#TrainDirty

~ I AM CANDICE MARIA ~ #AestheticallyAthletic

T-Walk 2014 NANBF Global Cup Championship


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