Natural Bodybuilding – Part 6: Team Work makes the Dream Work

So yes, I know I’m super late on this blog update.! However,  it’s a recap of the remainder of my competition season and I must say it’s been a blessed one!


The journey to the stage for the second round of my 2014 season was a tough one,  but I’m grateful for the people who supported me the entire way!


The beautiful team at Nancy Taylor Day Spa as usual are always so helpful in those inevitable girly girl finishing touches for the stage.


Waxing never hurt so good. ..especially when you’re ripped and shredded and clocking in pre competition at 122 pounds and 9% body fat…lol!


I can’t even begin to say how important a loyal support system is to the process. True friends are hard to find,  and I’m grateful for the people in this pic! Dymen “GrindSeason” Raimer, Atlanta based personal trainer and his client Ms. Carolyn have been my biggest cheerleaders since the beginning of this whole process! My last competition of this year, just about four weeks ago in September, was held in Atlanta and not only did Dymen ensure I had a place to get my final lift session in before the show, but his client Ms. Carolyn came out to watch me do my thing on the stage! So blessed to have them both in my life!

Most importantly the support of my friend and competition coach, IFPA Pro Ryan Davis, was awesome. Extremely grateful having his help to keep me focused and dialing in my macros everyday, as I juggled grad school,  life, work and competition prep, this man helped me create a lean mean muscle machine!


Until next time. ..Keep a Small Circle ….Winner’s Circle. …

~ I AM CANDICE MARIA ~ #AestheticallyAthletic

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