Beyond the Flex: Passion & Progress

“Started from the bottom,  now we are here.” ~ Drake

I began composing this blog about a month ago,  and finally decided to publish it going into the season of giving thanks, I am grateful for this trip I am on.


It has become more and more evident that my lifestyle has changed more than just my physical appearance and the responses I get from others. It has changed my outlook on life.


Simple everyday decisions are life changing actions that lead to so many milestones at 30 something years of life with more to come!


Just the simple act of shopping for clothes just a few months ago during my competition prep brought tears to my eyes.

So when I finally decided to break down and go shopping, I was mortified by disbelief that I had managed to drop approximately 2.5 dress sizes during the beginning of my competition season.

In choosing what to try on was such a proud moment. Not having to switch out sizes because the size I thought I could wear was too small, but in fact too big for my newly discovered frame.


When size 10’s became 8’s, and 8’s became 6’s, and even 6’s became 4’s, I knew at that point, I was living a dream, and was in the best shape of my life.

NANBF Figure Athlete - 2014

Never in my life have I been that slim built,  lean athletic girl. You know the track sprinting,  glee club, popular, cartwheeling cheerleader type.

8th grade Basketball to 1st Figure Competition at 31

Nope, I was that shy, nerdy, kid on the chunky side of life, you know the one that the teachers loved, but the other students laughed at. My how the tables have turned!

Childhood Days - The Chunky Side of Life

I’m still that nerdy, shy kid on the inside,  but on the exterior,  I’m a lean mean roaring muscle machine and I’m not done roaring yet, in fact I’m just getting started! To be continued. … I AM CANDICE MARIA

Building Season

#AestheticallyAthletic #ActionFigure

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