“IF” the Board Agrees: Social Meals, Meetings, & Macros

You are probably very well in tune with my platform on macros and the IIFYM protocol of meal prep “dieting” competition prep, fat loss, etc. Well this season I have taken this beautiful system a step further by incorporating intermittent fasting along with my macros, which is the “Board” or governing body of the intermittent fasting or IF system.

FASTING! What?! Yep, you read right! Fasting,  not to be confused with starving. …lol!


Over the past couple of weeks now, I have been been practicing this liberating art of eating! Feeding my body when it’s needing to be fed, and not feeding when my body needs to rest and process what’s already there!

My competition prep has transformed and Im still leaning out for my upcoming competition season because of this beautiful relationship! Even helped me push through a fat loss plateau I had reached in my prep!


What’s been so fun about it is the liberation it has brought to my daily meal selection and preparation. I will outline all the ways below:

Intermittent Fasting,  Oh how I love thee, let me count the ways:

1. No Meal Prep. …Wait? What? Why? Dial in the macros you want and need to meet and go about your day and eat and leave caution to the wind! Just check the nutritional data against your macros and keep it moving!


2. Eat socially….with conscious control at board meetings, family outings, holidays,  etc. So leave the embarrassing Tupperware and coolers at home!


3. Eat what you want w/o worrying.. IIFYM and stay lean! Yep even foods you were taught were “out of reach” when “dieting”. The macros govern the foods you select while out and the feeding cycle governs the time of day you eat and the time of day you fast!


So intermittent fasting is what exactly you say? Stay tuned to the blog for more on this phenomenal art of feeding and fasting for performance…until then…


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