SuperSaver: Mobile App Review – Part 1

So I ended my 2014, and started 2015 with a goal/resolution to save more money! Something I am honestly not the best at…

Any who,  I have found a few handy ways to tuck away spare cash throughout the year using special apps that reward me for the things I do all the time: workout,  track my meals,  and go grocery shopping.!

Three apps in particular are on regular rotation in my cell phone practically every week and some everyday. Their website links and my personal use and app reviews will be outlined in the following blog series: Super Saver Mobile App Review. The first app review begins as follows:

Target Cartwheel -CHOOSE:SCAN:SAVE

To get started simply download the app and register with your Target account or any of the popular social media accounts, or simply your basic email address.


This app let’s you choose hundreds of offers from across every category in Target stores and receive discounts from 5 to 15% off. Plus, new offers are added regularly!


Just simply create a shopping list of items you want that you find in the offers list and scan the bar code at checkout to receive an instant discount on your purchase.


The app is very user friendly and can even be used on top of any clipped coupons you have.


~Happy Saving ~ I AM Candice Maria~

My Target Cartwheel

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