SuperSaver: Mobile App Review – Part 2

“Earn cash for living healthy,  paid by members who don’t. ” ~ #PactApp


Pact App – Commit to You

So this is one of my true favorites because it “pays” me to work out,  track in my food journal, and even eat the never ending amounts of veggies I eat as a figure competitor….lol! Now don’t get it twisted, these are activities I do regardless of compensation, and no the few dollars a week aren’t busting my piggy bank, but it’s nice to see my commitment to my lifestyle not only reward me physically and mentally,  but also financially overtime.


So here’s how it works: Commit, Meet, and Reap! Just that simple!


Three commitment levels to choose from:


The gym pact. Commit to a regular exercise routine. I deactivated my Facebook account earlier this year,  and if I can count all of the times, myself and those in my friends list “checked-in” at a gym, and/or took a selfie or two to post with that “check-in” before leaving the gym over the past year or so,  we’d all be rolling in some serious spare change right now. That’s just how easy the Gym Pact is! Gives a whole new outlook on the art and lifestyle of being a “gym rat”! We’re pretty darn savvy! #BOOM! 😉


Hit the gym, check in on the app, workout a minimum 30 minutes,  track what you did and snap a pic (ie. A postworkout Selfie) and it’s done! You just earned money towards your Pact! To think people are still out there doing this same nonsense (checking in on apps like Facebook and Instagram) for free “LIKES”!


Another plus, for my adventurous fit fam is that this process can also work for my pavement pounding, road warriors out there. The app syncs with some of the most common fitness tracking apps, so even if you do a none gym workout and hit the great outdoors instead, you’re still covered! Just be sure the GPS setting is on, you do your activity for a minimum of 30 minutes, and you’re all set! Talk about yet another savvy fitness junkie! #ChaChing!


This is a big one for helping people initiate the formation of healthy lifestyle habits of being conscious of their daily food choices, and honestly the easiest to complete. It’s great for those who are simply wanting to learn how to count and keep track of their calories each day. The food log Pact! Log a minimum of 1200 kcal/day or 3 meals and a snack, in your myfitnesspal app, and it automatically syncs to your pact!


Like the gym pact, how many times have you scrolled through the news feed of your social media apps and saw the never ending posts of what your contacts ate for breakfast,  lunch and dinner! Oh boy if they only knew that if any of those pics involve them eating fruits and/or vegetables they could earn spare change instead of just “free likes and comments” !? I bet that news feed would drastically clear out…lol! Now we enter the third and final Pact of the PactApp, the Veggie Pact

Veggie selfie for my Veggie Pact

Imagine getting paid just for submitting pictures just like this. There is one catch though, other PactApp users, the “Pact community,” must vote for your food pic, judging whether “yes or no” you actually ate or are eating a fruit or vegetable in your pic, so make it obvious as to what you are eating in your food selfies or food porn…as it’s so commonly hash tagged in social media these days.


So go ahead and give it a go, you only lose when you don’t keep your Pact each week,  but have everything to gain when you do, physically and financially!

Until next time….I AM CANDICE MARIA

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