#31DaysofMindfulness and Meatless October: Days 8 & 9


Welcome to Days 8 & 9 of 31 Days of Mindfulness and Meatless October Challenge late post due to some recent travel for teaching and training ….




Mindful Minute

“Gratitude and joy” ~ CandiceMaria


Words cannot express the posture of my heart on Day 8 of this month’s challenge. I had the opportunity to share a challenging yoga practice with a beautiful group of yogis and yogis to be thanks to my dear friend DA “GrindSeason” Raimer, founder of Grind Season Fitness based in Atlanta, GA for setting up the opportunity and the venue at Fit4You2 in Atlanta(Tucker),GA


What are you thankful for? What makes your heart fill with joy? For me it’s spending time with genuine friends doing the things I love the most, teaching and training health and fitness!


Mindful Mobility

If you have been following along with the challenge calendar , you should be doing a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio, along with a minimum of 2 rounds (or as many as your body needs) of the Sun Salutation A sequence as prehab before and/or after your other resistance training or athletic activities today.


Meatless Meals of the Day (MODs)

So the Day 8 & 9 Meatless MOD’s are foods that I had the pleasure of taste testing at the Atlanta Vegan Food & Tea Festival this past weekend.

Such as these delicious Green Tea Cupcakes by ButtaFly Kisses ATL


…as well as this no meat tuna salad called AtTUNAment (Vegan Tuna) and Broccoli and Cauliflower Soup by Inward Beauty














This concludes Days 8 & 9 of 31 Days of Mindfulness and Meatless October Challenge.

Until next time ~ I AM CANDICE MARIA ~ and this is ~ CANDICE MARIA’S FIT LIFE~







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