#31DaysofMindfulness and Meatless October Challenge: Day 14


Week 2 wrap-up of 31 Days of Mindfulness and Meatless October….Day 14….

Mindful Minute


Be transparent,  live out loud” ~ Candice Maria


A life well lived tells a story with few words…another birthday card I received this month, this time  from my parents, sheds a lot of light on how the actions you take, the steps you make, and the story your accomplishments and life’s work tell can have such  a great impact on those around you…



And…just when even you think your run is over…that you have nothing left to share to inspire the world..its those who are closest to you that notice even the smallest of things that you do that make the most impact…


…and those who know you best will always remind you that they never tire of your AWESOME!

So during your mindful mobility practice today, think about how far you have come. We are at the end of Week 2 of the 31 Days of Mindfulness and Meatless October Challenge and you’ve held on to this new lifestyle for half of a month. Many times you may have wanted to quit or give up, but you stayed the course….#KEEPGOING as there is someone out there who NEVER grows weary of watching you BE AWESOME and do phenomenal things….Be a Blessing!




Mindful Mobility WOD

Today as you did yesterday, you will complete a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio and at least 2 Rounds (or as many as your body needs) of the Sun Salutation A sequence as prehab before and/or after or even during your other resistance training or athletic activities today.


This is the last day of Week 2 and next week will begin Week 3 and a minimum of 3 Rounds of the Sun Salutation A sequence will be performed each day….


Meatless Meal of the Day (MOD)


Today’s Meatless MOD feature is another organic vegan/vegetarian friendly protein supplement called CLEAR Bars that I recently stumbled upon in Target Stores and decided to try.

Nutrition Facts (The Macros):


This concludes Day 14 of 31 Days of Mindfulness and Meatless October Challenge….stay tuned for Day 15…

Until next time.. ~ I AM CANDICE MARIA ~ and this is ~ CANDICE MARIA’S FIT LIFE ~


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