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As a professional Registered Nurse of 14 years, a lifelong athlete and Christian, with a passion for sports and the thrill of competition, Candice takes a firm stance in the mantra “God first,  Trophies second.” Her belief is that while winning in competition is great, it’s the faith journey of getting there and pushing through that matters most.  It’s the foundation and strength behind all of her athletic endeavors.

As an avid health and fitness professional, who’s been involved in the industry for over ten years,  she enjoys enriching the lives of her clients, students, athletes, and peers with the same philosophy.  She believes it keeps one’s focus in perspective,  win or lose.

NPC BodyBe1 2017 Figure

Her overall fitness and health philosophy is the belief that one’s body is a temple,  and that it should be treated as a sacred place, well kept, nourished, hydrated, and treated with the utmost respect physically,  mentally and spiritually, for Candice, this is the foundation of longevity in whatever endeavor one pursues in life, whether in or out of competitive sports.

All in all,  welcome to a day in the life of a passionate athlete, life coach, fitness model, and writer…the purpose of the content on this site is to inspire, encourage, educate and enlighten, so read on and enjoy….until next time. …




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    Pleasure to meet you and thank you for visiting my blog page and having a follow. I enjoyed reading your bio and learning more about you and your life around fitness. I look forward to reading more blog post from you.


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