TRAINER’S CORNER: Biweekly Update – Scale Back Alabama Edition


Welcome Scale Back Alabama Participants!

Congrats on taking the initial step towards better health!

Welcome also to my Biweekly Trainer’s Corner  Update;

FUN ACTIVITIES for Scale Back Participants:

Scale Back Alabama Participant Special Personal Training Packages: Invest in the motivation and education you need to transform your body in 10 weeks with a nationally certified personal fitness trainer during your participation period in the Scale Back Alabama program! Good luck to you and your team!

Anytime Fitness McCalla Weigh-In Site ONLY:

10 Weeks – 1 x/ Week $35/Session $175/Month per Participant*

*up to 2 people only can sign up under the same plan with the 2nd person’s plan being discounted 50%*


FREE Initial Fitness Consultation and Personal Training Session: Anytime Fitness McCalla & Chelsea ONLY:

If you didn’t get a chance at weigh-in to set up your one-time FREE session contact me to get set up this week at Anytime Fitness McCalla. Anytime Fitness Chelsea Scale Back participants should contact any one of our team members at that location for scheduling that appointment.

tracking progress

*Unfortunately at this time, due to some recent changes in facility dynamics, I will not be offering any personal training services at the Tuscaloosa YMCA weigh-in location.

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Example: @IAMCandiceMaria, I completed (Fill in Fitness or Nutrition Activity) for @ScaleBkAlabama #TWEETtheBURN


 Other Announcements:


WIN a FREE Month of Personal Training with my Spring 2014 “Share My Journey” Contest. Winners not only receive a FREE Month of Personal Training Sessions with me as I prepare for the NPC & SNBF 2014 Bodybuilding, Figure, Fitness, & Bikini Competition Season, but also winners will be invited to a front row seat to all of my shows during the 2014 Competition Season!  Along with other prizes as well as be featured on my Biweekly Blog Updates as an Ambassador for Wellness!

Will you be 1 of 3 lucky winners in 2014!? Winners will be announced in February, Training begins in March!

Contest available for Anytime Fitness-McCalla location ONLY!

share your journey

Share my journey to the stage and beyond by sharing your story with me so that I can inspire you to chase your dreams in 2014! Submit a video about your story to to be considered eligible.

 share my journey

My Personal Training Location:

Anytime Fitness-McCalla

4955 McAdory School Rd

McCalla, AL 35111

Booking a FREE Fitness Consultation is as simple as contacting me to set up an appointment!

Scale Back Alabama Local Area Coordinator

Candice M. Hubbard, BSN, RN, AFAA

Nationally Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach

205-239-7794 and


What Clients are Saying….Testimonials

When you do what you love it shows! This post will be updated regularly with statements and possibly even some video clips and pics from my clients I have worked with. I thank God everyday for my angels. I call my clients my angels because whether they realize it or not they were all hand picked and sent by God to watch over me during the biggest career transition of my life. In just 24 hours these two statements were sent in, at a time when my heart needed it the most. God Bless all of you!

You helped me tremendously.  I ran 1 mile Sunday night on treadmill.   I have never ran a mile in my life.  The back strengthening exercises you taught me have been a life saver. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ~ L. Short


I am working out with a personal trainer and loving it. She is inspiring and definitely motivates me to be the best. I have nicknamed her Jillian no need to explain that one. I encourage all of my friends to at least try a session with her! ~ K. Johnson

To Be Continued…….


Greetings Anytimers, Tuscaloosa Y’ers, & Everyone in Between!

Check out the video below for your Trainer’s Corner Biweekly Update

Other Announcements:

Zumba Fitness Party for Scale Back Alabama Kick-off at Anytime Fitness McCalla

Thursday, Jan. 16th at 6PM

dancing through my journey

New Scale Back Alabama Weigh-in Site for Tuscaloosa County: YMCA of Tuscaloosa County!


Anyone can create a TEAM! Team Captains can only be Captain for 1 Team! Team up to Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Weeks!


Why I ❤ Lentils!

Original Content: September 18, 2013 at 7:25pm, Revised and Updated

Why I  ❤ Lentils! Check the Nutrition Facts!*Don’t be fooled by the “calories”they carry!* Those calories are ENERGY from the Powerful Plant-based PROTEINS & the important Complex Carb called FIBER that they PACK in every bite! That’s what I call “SuperFood!” #powerfood#fuelyourworkouts #fuelyourlife

Planning to cook some today along with some Salmon. Below are some nutrition facts about Lentils! You gotta ❤ these little guys! If you are looking for alternatives to additional protein in your diet, this is it, along with my other favorite little grainy super food, Quinoa seeds! You can find my rant about them in an older post in this blog!

Lentil Plant:
The lentil is an edible pulse. It is a bushy annual plant of the legume family, grown for its lens-shaped seeds. It is about 40 centimetres tall and the seeds grow in pods, usually with two seeds in each. ~ Wikipedia

Nutrition Facts: Lentils
Amount Per 1 cup (192 g)
Calories 678
% Daily Value*
Total fat 2 g 3%
Saturated fat 0.3 g 1%
Polyunsaturated fat 1 g
Monounsaturated fat 0.4 g
Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
Sodium 12 mg 0%
Potassium 1834 mg 52%
Total Carbohydrate 115 g 38%
Dietary fiber 59 g 235%
Sugar 3.9 g
Protein 50 g 100%
Vitamin A 1% Vitamin C 14%
Calcium 10% Iron 80%
Vitamin B-6 50% Vitamin B-12 0%
Magnesium 58%

Until the next post…..

So, I have adopted the 5K/Day Method this year, so far so good. Today is Day 7, as I started December 29th, 2013 a few days before the start of 2014. I feel great, despite minor injuries that I still manage to function on. Sore knees or the possibility of hairline fractures or simply just sprains in my metatarsals in my right foot, still I get myself up and run.  All in all the running is good for my mental psyche these days. Sometimes I wake up feeling like this:

feel like screaming

I don’t always run at the same time of day either. Sometimes I wait until my mood improves, then I realize a good run is what I need to boost my mood, other times it may just depend on my work schedule that day when I get my run in, and here lately, when the sun’s out and what the thermometer says the weather and windchill is outside! Not a fan of 20 degree runs, been there done that at my last half marathon on Thanksgiving 2013, don’t care to train in it though! However, gotta do what you gotta do!


So, likewise we are at day 7 of 5K a day for 2014. I got about a 3 day head start, so it’s technically only day 4, but whose keeping up anyway, except me and my Nike+ run tracker….lol!

MyNike+ Activity

My run tracker has also told me I’ve burned over 1800 Calories this week, which to be exact I’ve burned 2,100 Calories this week with running alone. I still weight train, and those calories don’t get counted or tracked anywhere, so I’m probably burning anywhere from 2,500 to 2,700 Calories per week by doing this, not to mention the EPOC affect that increases my metabolic rate for a period of time post work out, burning a few extra calories in the process. So despite how much I hate running in the cold, I do it, and plus most road races are during the fall/winter season anyway, so I gotta get over it!

bundle up and werk


Until Next Time….I’m On The RUN…..


~ Candice Maria ~


Periods of Training: Preparatory Period | Competition Period | Transition Period

So in talking with my personal training colleague at work one day, he said something to me that really hit home for me as trainer, amateur athlete, and newly certified USA Track & Field Level 1 Running Coach. He basically told me that I needed to create an annual plan for myself. Something I had been learning about in preparation for coaching track & field athletes, yet failed to apply it to my own personal training for the athletic activities I  participate and compete in myself.

Failing to Plan, is Planning to Fail!

So in taking his words into consideration, I realized I had been doing just that. Having newly stepped into the realm of endurance running and amateur fitness competitions (female bodybuilding) this past year, I soon learned that to train for and prepare for either sport has to meet fine tuned strategic timelines and cannot if possible be trained for simultaneously.

So in creating my annual plan I have to decide what part of the year I will devote to running and what part I will devote to competitive fitness modeling (female bodybuilding).

In looking at the Periods of Training: Preparatory, Competition, and Transition at this very moment as I write this post I am in actually still in the Competition Period as I still have two more Endurance races ahead of me at the top of 2014. Once completed by early March, I go into my Transition Period, where I begin to transition how I train my body from endurance racing to fitness competitions (female bodybuilding). The first competition for that sport begins in mid to late May and runs until about late August.

So in summation:

My Endurance Running Macrocycle for 2014: 

Preparatory Period: September to November

Competition Period: November to March

Transition Period: March and September

My Figure Competition Macrocycle for 2014:

Preparatory Period: March to May

Competition Period: May to August

Transition Period: March and September

The Phases of Training: General | Specific | Precompetition | Competition

Fine Tuning the Plan: The Macro becomes Micro

I won’t go into specific training schedules and workouts here in my blog, as I teach and train clients for a living and prefer not to give out workouts in my blog. However, a general over view of making the “Macro” plan “Micro” is just that. Creating a time line of scheduled training sessions for myself outlined in each of the four phases of training: Developing the Mesocycle!

General Phase: this is my prep period where I put myself on a general training regimen. During the general phase for my bodybuilding (fitness competition) prep my training is focused more on building and maintaining muscle mass. During this same phase for endurance running prep, I focus on maintaining stamina, through base building, short runs on hills or longer runs on a combination of flats and hills along with total body strength training and flexibility work.

Specific Phase: in my specific training phase, the focus is on building  lean mass in specific areas, but also on shredding and preparing my body for leaning out in the pre competition phase. For endurance running, specific training at this phase is focused speed and timing of my runs.

Precompetition Phase: Pre-competition phase for bodybuilding is my final cutting period, this is where nutrition is the defining factor between a good competition experience and a not so good competition experience. Food tapering is a word you will find me using a lot around this time in my training. Workouts are still intense but everything is dependent on diet at this point. Pre comp. phase for endurance running is a lot of yoga,my runs shorten to non-existent to rest and reserve energy for the big day, strength training takes precedence over a run in the preliminary days before a big race as well as a lot of yoga stretches.

Competition Phase: Exactly what its called. Its the point in time where final prep work is completed and its show or race time! Time in between competitions or races is spent on improving and maintaining competition conditioning.

To be continued…….

fitness model photo opp

~ Candice Maria~