Nutrition Philosophy

Eat clean and be creative! Natural nutrition that fits your assigned macro nutrient ratio for your fitness goals and needs! I  eat clean unprocessed complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, and lean meat! I am a fish, green veggies, sweet potato, whole grains and raw nuts, nut milk, and nut butter fanatic! That’s practically all I eat! Say no to processed junk! You’ll thank me later in about 30 days of trying it. Anything outside of the previously mentioned foods would be very little dairy, primarily from plain vanilla Greek yogurt, no cheese, locks up the (TMI I know). I eat very few fruits, primarily prunes, dates, or figs in moderation usually cooked into something I am baking as a sugar substitute, and avocados (my loves, a healthy fat in a fruit oh the irony of how God made thee….lol). I don’t eat chicken (due to the tainted toxins they are fed before they hit the market), the only exception is egg whites. Turkey, beef, or pork I steer clear of as well. All of this is just my personal preference. Simply what gives me the best results for what I desire to achieve with my physique on and off the stage.



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