So the next five blog updates are related to my experiences leading up to my most recent competition last weekend!

So my final days before the August 23 show involved some really intense workouts,  stricter dietary requirements and a #toughlove speech from my competition coach as well as a friend of ours from my gym!

I truly appreciate their motivation though because it fuels my ambitions.  Both are pro natural bodybuilders,  so I take every piece of encouragement and advice they give me to heart and make good use of it! #ironsharpensiron! To make pro status you have to associate with pro’s!

So to relax under the pressures of my upcoming stage presentation I let my  #yogapractice be my guide!

Yoga Practice midst leg workout...

The day before the big show,  my coach commanded me to only do what’s important and keep my legs elevated, rest and take naps as much as possible. ..wake up #sleepingbeauty with #musclegains!


Continuing to let my #yogapractice dictate my relaxation approach,  #ViparitaKarani or Legs up the wall became my go to asana of the weekend.

Bodybuilding Yogi - #ViparitaKarani (Legs up the wall)

Even at my #athletescheckin and #polygraph testing you could find me posted up with my legs up and of course rocking my Kaiteki Sandals discount codes coming soon exclusively for my blog followers, clients, family and friends so stay tuned! These shoes are awesome! So cozy!

The command from coach to rest as much as possible

#Pranayama anyone?….lol!  Low #bodyfat percentage and a #coldroom can make taking a #polygraph a little nerve racking….good thing I came bundled up, and practiced my #Ujjayi breathing so my shivering didn’t interfere with my heart rate during the test! I’m too #nattymuscle for a false test result to keep me from competing!

The pressures continues. worries though.! #nattymuscle

Stay tuned for Part ll….