In exactly 30 days, 1 month from today I will be celebrating 32 years of life, with great new friends in an exciting city, doing all of the awesome fit and fun things I love!

So to countdown to the celebration here is a countdown list of 32 things I have learned and love about my life to date in no particular order, just as they come to mind over the course of the day:

#32 – It’s okay to let go

#31 – Not everyone will understand you,  but those that matter will, and will cherish what you have to offer

#30 – Love yourself first,  it’s not selfish.

#29 – Consciousness is your friend, think before you act

#28 – Fitness is the fountain of youth

#27 – Be present, let people know that you care

#26 – Failure is never an option,  but a choice

#25 – Plan for success and believe in your plan

#24 – Take chances,  put your neck in the noose of life

#23 – Food is for physiological nourishment,  not mental pleasure, practice santosha

#22 – Ask questions,  answer questions,  no thing’s off limits for debate or change

#21 – Be fearless

#20 –  Take the road less traveled

#19 – Be outstanding

#18 – Root to Rise

#17 – Follow your dreams, they know the path to your true happiness

#16 – Dare to dream, and dream BIG!

#15 – Keep growing. Keep living!

#14 – Be transparent,  live out loud

#13 – Live such an fascinating life, that it’s open book worthy

#12 – Reach your goals,  but take time to listen to the goals of others

#11 – Be a light…enlightenment is a gift

#10 – Shock yourself,  then go out and shock the world

#9 – Do any and everything you ever thought about doing

#8 – Never let anyone tell you what you can’t do

#7 – Can’t is not a word in my vocabulary,  it’s meaningless

#6 – Eat breakfast

#5 – Move everyday. Moving heals. Sitting kills.

#4 – Become obsessed with you,  there’s only one,  love it to pieces

#3 – Take the keys and drive into your future, don’t sit back and wait for others to give you permission

#2 – Love people for who and what they are, and don’t be afraid to leave them where you found them,  you only control you, love and protect that!

#1 – Pray every day!

The more I got into writing this list the more I realized how much more I could add, but I’ll save it for year 33….lol! Until next time. … #LoveGod … #LoveYourself in order to #LoveOthers


Ustrasana - Camel Pose - Santosha - Contentment