In exactly 30 days, 1 month from today I will be celebrating 32 years of life, with great new friends in an exciting city, doing all of the awesome fit and fun things I love!

So to countdown to the celebration here is a countdown list of 32 things I have learned and love about my life to date in no particular order, just as they come to mind over the course of the day:

#32 – It’s okay to let go

#31 – Not everyone will understand you,  but those that matter will, and will cherish what you have to offer

#30 – Love yourself first,  it’s not selfish.

#29 – Consciousness is your friend, think before you act

#28 – Fitness is the fountain of youth

#27 – Be present, let people know that you care

#26 – Failure is never an option,  but a choice

#25 – Plan for success and believe in your plan

#24 – Take chances,  put your neck in the noose of life

#23 – Food is for physiological nourishment,  not mental pleasure, practice santosha

#22 – Ask questions,  answer questions,  no thing’s off limits for debate or change

#21 – Be fearless

#20 –  Take the road less traveled

#19 – Be outstanding

#18 – Root to Rise

#17 – Follow your dreams, they know the path to your true happiness

#16 – Dare to dream, and dream BIG!

#15 – Keep growing. Keep living!

#14 – Be transparent,  live out loud

#13 – Live such an fascinating life, that it’s open book worthy

#12 – Reach your goals,  but take time to listen to the goals of others

#11 – Be a light…enlightenment is a gift

#10 – Shock yourself,  then go out and shock the world

#9 – Do any and everything you ever thought about doing

#8 – Never let anyone tell you what you can’t do

#7 – Can’t is not a word in my vocabulary,  it’s meaningless

#6 – Eat breakfast

#5 – Move everyday. Moving heals. Sitting kills.

#4 – Become obsessed with you,  there’s only one,  love it to pieces

#3 – Take the keys and drive into your future, don’t sit back and wait for others to give you permission

#2 – Love people for who and what they are, and don’t be afraid to leave them where you found them,  you only control you, love and protect that!

#1 – Pray every day!

The more I got into writing this list the more I realized how much more I could add, but I’ll save it for year 33….lol! Until next time. … #LoveGod … #LoveYourself in order to #LoveOthers


Ustrasana - Camel Pose - Santosha - Contentment

This month we celebrated my Dad’s birthday and of course there’s all sorts of non competition prep foods floating around our home!

My solution,  my homemade cashew mylk and non other than popcorn that I popped myself directly from the kernel.  No box popcorn,  no butters, no added salt, no added oils, just the plant itself with all its high fiber, complex carbohydrate goodness!

Homemade Plain Popcorn

Learn to have power over food, don’t let food have power over you! Kick the habit of unhealthy eating for no true reason!

Until next time. . #EatClean #TrainDirty



So yesterday was my mom’s birthday. Needless to say,  I spent most of the day at work or working out, so I avoided being tempted by the following:

Mom's Birthday Cake
Cryptonite Cake

The last two pic are some of my favorite “big girl foods” ….lol! Super addictive cheat foods for me. But at 30 days to the stage and with the strict structure of my nutrition regimen right now,  this girl opted for her favorite healthy treat and still celebrated moms on her birthday!


Yep my frozen cashew mylk to the rescue! So no need to miss the fellowship of family celebrations, just don’t indulge and kill your progress!

Until next time #EatClean – #TrainDirty and trust the process!