It has come to my recognition that sometimes “fit people” intimidate, shock, or even inspire “not so fit people” without even saying a word…. #sorrynotsorry! I can’t help how I look and carry myself. Bey and Nikki say ” Flawless…I wake up like this!”…


…because I grind day and night giving all I got to live this lifestyle and reach my dreams!


The Panel of Commentary – Can’t Take This Body No Where in Public…LOL!

“What inspires you to stay so fit?” – Grocery shopping

“Man I need your diet!” – Grocery shopping

Competition pantry restocking

“You work out don’t you?” – Post Office line mailing in my competition registration

“You look great,  but you look awfully lean!” – Owner at the yoga studio I teach at

“You look like you have one of those ‘Zumba’ bodies, I sell Amway, want to be a representative?” – Lobby of a residential site I train at

Trainer mode

These and other statements along with awkward stares, all but one happened within a 24 hour period by the way,  are a part of my day to day life during my bodybuilding competition season.

I usually just smile,  knod, respond the best way possible and press on, or if I feel like I can drop a little knowledge on a person to push a little harder then I make a deposit and roll on!

If this is how people treat an amateur,  I can only imagine what the other side, yeah being at the top feels like! The official winners circle,  pro status! “I must be doing something right!”


I continue to count down to September 27th and let the comments,  questions,  and stares be my motivation.

Until next time…#EatClean…#TrainDirty



The First Show

So, I’m contemplating firmly about working my way back to the competition stage!

5 Weeks From Current Figure Show

The show I had in mind to do is now 5 weeks away on August 23,  I’ve decided to go ahead and put my foot down with myself and give it a try! Different organization this time,  a natural federation,  drug-free athletes only, level playing field, and I’ve also recruited the advice of a friend who’s also a coach and pro level competitor with the same federation who’s supplied me with some great tips along the way! #shoutout Ryan Davis, IFPA Men’s Pro Natural Bodybuilder !

Any who, back to the diet and meal prep!

Tuna and Green beans plus a drop of sweet potato
Cook in bulk and measure out portions

So my diet is exactly what I titled this post with the addition of a few other items to include fresh fruit/vegetable juicing!

My Skinny Juice - Leaning out Dropping the Fat

Yes it’s gonna be the same foods every single day,  but one thing I learned in yoga school and about ayurvedic and natural medicine is that a mono diet, a diet that consists of the same foods every single day over a specific period of time,  is the best way to learn what works best for your body,  create a state of healing and in the case of my figure, and possibly physique, competition training it’s the best way for me to see the results of my training and workouts in the gym!

NOTES: Super clean, super low fat.

Sample figure competition diet