The Transition Phase: From Running to Bodybuilding

This weekend marks the official turning point in the transition phase of my amateur adult athletic endeavors, see post called Phases of an Athlete for an overview of my annual plan for road racing and female bodybuilding.

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I ran in my last endurance event of my 2013-2014 run season this weekend, the Tuscaloosa Half Marathon, had a chance to catch up with some great friends old and new, and wore myself out….lol! This month also marks my Runnersversary as it was a year ago this month I ran my 1st half marathon. I plan to continue running through out my bodybuilding season, just in shorter distances for fat burning and cardio. It’s time to build and maintain muscle!

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So back to the transition phase. As of today we are officially 13 weeks out from the first planned Figure Competition for this year. I had already began transitioning my diet around week 14, and boy could I tell a difference during my half marathon this weekend. I fatigued rather quickly and dehydrated fast, hence why I don’t do late Spring/Summer road racing, cause this race and my marathon last month got HOT, and it was still technically winter at that time! Crazy Southern Weather! I love my Region!…LOL! Plus, the diet change from eating like an endurance runner to eating like a bodybuilder is two totally different beasts in and of themselves and out of some mild anxiety about my upcoming competition season, I started cutting back on carbs and calories a little too soon! :-/

 thm14 TTC Peeps Stephs 1st Half

But we live and we learn! The joy is in the journey not the finish line or the trophy! So let the countdown to the stage officially begin! 13 Weeks and Counting!……

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It’s My “Runner’s-Versary”

A year ago this month I prepared to run my first ever endurance race, which was a half marathon! The Publix Georgia Half Marathon in Atlanta, GA! I guess I felt lucky that I would make it through it, as the race was conveniently held on March, 17, 2013, St. Patty’s Day!

my 1st 13.1

Tomorrow morning I will be running in my 3rd half marathon and 5th endurance running event, as over the course of this past year, I have successfully finished 2 Marathons as well as 2 Half Marathons, including the one mentioned above! I am excited to celebrate this milestone in my master’s level running and athletic journey in my very own hometown of Tuscaloosa, AL as I was honestly never a college or high school athlete, only a Jr. athlete briefly in my middle school years, and my sport was basketball. 😉


Three keys I have found to conditioning my body for running a successful endurance race along with all of the other athletic activities, such as figure and fitness competing,that I have so boldly decided to engage in in my early 30’s: 1) smart training 2) an even smarter nutritional lifestyle, and 3) a routine yoga practice.


Smart training, get grounded and  learn how to land on your feet, they keep you moving forward as well as in an instant can be the very thing that holds you back! Take care of them well! I am a minimalist/barefoot runner. I train my entire body from the ground up, especially my feet. I attribute my knowledge of this type of training to a phenomenal program called   SoleTraining by the willPower Method and my weekly yoga practice. Also, just for the record for the umpteen million times I get asked when out and about, “are my shoes comfortable?” YES!  I honestly love my Vibram FiveFingers and couldn’t imagine my runs or my workouts  or my active lifestyle without them.

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Nutritionally, I strive to eat a clean, alkaline diet over 90% of the time. I am very careful not to let processed foods, or foods high in salt, or full of saturated fats and refined sugars enter my body. It’s my temple and I love it dearly, it’s the only one I got! Fruits & veggies are our friends! Start juicing! It makes daily consumption easier and tastes great! Plus adequate hydration is also key to optimum performance. Nourish your body, fuel your day as well as your workouts!

Lastly, yoga. Self-explanatory! If you constantly contract muscles with routine weight training (which I do on a regular as well) and running, you have to relax and decompress them in order to ensure recovery, repair, and prevent injury to both the muscles and the joints, plus the intricate ligaments and tendons that help them out everyday. I practice yoga often. I am not a super yogi or master, I am however a teacher in training and a believer in the awesome benefits of a regular yoga practice! Sometimes my practice doesn’t take place everyday, but it does happen weekly and it helps tremendously in my longevity and vitality in my sports and my adult athletic career!


So, with all that said, I will keep this entry as brief as possible as I have a race to prepare to run in the morning and  it’s yoga time, plus I have some juicing to do before it’s time to say good night!  So……

Until Next Time!

~ I AM Candice Maria~