Happy New Year 2017 to you and yours! 🎉🍾

Hope you had a safe and peaceful transition from one year to the next….

Today’s post is about the popular topic of New Year’s Day “Lucky Foods” with a peak into what’s on my “lucky New Year’s Day” Dinner plate 😂🍽

Now I don’t believe in superstition, but I do like the idea that most all of these “lucky foods” are consequently “healthy foods” or in my case for bodybuilding  they would be considered “clean or lean  foods”! 

So here’s a quick look at what I consumed from the New Year’s  Lucky Foods list on this lucky 1st day of the year 2017: 


Not just any fruit a “round” fruit. It’s symbolism represents coins (money) and prosperity. This “lucky apple” was my post workout snack today! 💪🏃🏋🍎💱

So aside from its “lucky New Year ” benefits it’s jammed packed with fiber and vitamins to fuel a very productive and prosperous year! 


Leafy green foods are said to represent money or a year of financial gain. So my leafy green of choice on this “lucky New Year’s Day” is Spinach steamed into the shape of round balls to symbolize bank rolls (ok not really: they just come out like that) 😂

However,  I may not be able to spend my spinach or save it in the bank, I can reap the health benefits of the abundance of healthy nutrients found in spinach, I’ll be able to enjoy the financial fruits of my labor for many years to come 💸


Beans, like round foods and fruits, are also said to represent coins (money) 💱 , prosperity and longevity. 

My lucky beans of choice today were black beans,  known for their high fiber content and bad cholesterol fighting, healthy ❤ and healthy  weight management benefits. I think that’s enough to qualify these little guys for the longevity award. 🏆


Aah the grains….yeah I know any paleo followers out there, it’s ok. I won’t dwell on this one very long.

Grains are said to symbolize abundance because they swell when they are cooked,  unfortunately they tend to swell elsewhere for most folks as well (dear carb bloat do not visit me this year). Any who,  my grain of choice is a gluten free ancient grain: quinoa. Packed with all its protein and fiber goodness, it’s a grain I can safely say I am ok consuming in a reasonable abundance.  🍲


Last but not least,  the Alpha and Omega of everything I love about life in general is symbolized by fish. Aside from fish scales representing silver coins, but the concept of progression and moving forward as well as abundance in such activities is said to be symbolized by the forward swimming motion of fish and the fact that they typically travel in groups called schools 📚😂 Talk about forward thinking and progression for the year ahead! 

My lucky fish of choice this New Year’s Day is salmon, one of my all time favorites. Jam packed with protein and Omega-3 fatty acids for a strong and healthy start to a very productive and forward thinking new year!

Happy New Year 2017🎉🎉🎉

Bon a petite 

Until next time…. I AM Candice Maria 

Happy new year,  welcome Spring and everything else in between! So yes, my dear followers if you’re still out there hopefully, I have been on a writing hiatus since the new year began.  However,  never fear I am back!

A lot has changed in my life, improved, evolved,  etc.  hence even the website layout has and is still changing, not quite finished updating it yet,  but I am still the same crazy fitness fanatic and athletic health nut you’ve grown accustomed to hearing from every now and then!

So with that,  brace your timelines and newsfeeds over the coming weeks, this Chica has a lot to share! Yep about 3 months worth!

Until then. … I AM Candice Maria



The 2013 Year End Update

Welcome to the Introductory edition of AnyTimer Life: Your Monthly Source for Everything That’s Happening with me and the personal trainer team at Anytime Fitness in McCalla!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays AnyTimers, Clients, and Friends!

The end of 2013 is here and we have tons of exciting activities going on at Anytime Fitness in McCalla for you in 2014 and we would hate for you to miss out on all of the FIT and FABULOUS FUN! ~ Candice, Cory, & Wayne, your Anytime Fitness Personal Trainers

December 2013 Happenings:

December 2013 Countdown to Christmas: Client Appreciation Month

During the Month of December names were drawn from our pool of awesome personal and group fitness training clients for daily prizes! Below is our list of winners that can be found by clicking on the picture below:


Each Winner Received  a special gift from their individual personal trainer!

January 2014 Happenings:

Grand Opening of The ARBONNE Nutrition Store

Let me help you meet your personal nutritional needs at Anytime Fitness – McCalla with the Arbonne Essentials™ Nutrition Supplement line. Stop by and shop with me today to order products or send an email to candicehubbard@gmail.com to set up a Nutrition Consultation.

Launching Series One of The ARBONNE 28 Day Detox Nutrition Boot Camp Program

January 3rd through 31st receive  guidance, accountability partners, a cleansing nutrition plan with product recommendations, personal trainer guided workout and fit tips for 28 days to help cleanse and detox your body and set your intentions for a successful and healthy 2014!  We will discuss goal setting and strive to meet those goals in 28 days. Prizes will be awarded to those who complete the program and meet their goals! Register on or before Jan. 1, 2014! Fee: $25

New Group Fitness & Education Classes

Taste n’ Talk Tuesday – a formal 30 minute nutrition Q & A class. Register in advance each month and submit questions about nutrition that I will formally research answers for and discuss during the class session as well as prepare and share a healthy meal idea while you have a chance to sample the nutrition supplements from the Arbonne Store and place orders. – Class attendance fee: $25/ month Classes will take place on Tuesdays at 6pm
BodySculpt – a 30 Minute Strength and conditioning circuit class: Class registration fee is $32/month  (members) or $40/month (non-members) Class will take place on Wednesdays at 5:15pm


The Statewide Scale Back Alabama Contest for 2014

To support Alabama’s Mission to get Alabamian’s Healthier in 2014 we are doing our part at Anytime Fitness McCalla! Create a team of four people and join us the week of January 18 through 24 for the official weigh-in!  Each team will compete to Lose 10 in 10! 10 Pounds in a 10 Week Period and be entered to win CASH Prizes from the State Health Department! We will be hosting kick-off activities beginning on the 16th of January with a FREE Zumba Fitness Party! Stop by the gym for more details or contact me at candicehubbard@gmail.com or visit www.scalebackalamama.com

dancing through my journey

My Official Launch of the Spring 2014 “Share My Journey” Contest

*ANYTIMERS ONLY: Do you have a story to share? Need an extra boost to get you to the next level in your fitness journey? Create a brief YouTube Vlog (Video Blog) Post about your fitness goals and where you are in your current Fitness Journey! Inbox the link to your Vlog Fitness Journey Post to candicehubbard@gmail.com by January 31, 2014 for a chance to win a FREE Month of Personal Training sessions with me, Candice Maria / Fitness Model at Anytime Fitness McCalla as I prepare for my 2014 NPC and SNBF Figure competition season, along with other prizes as well as be featured on my AnytimerLife Monthly Blog Updates as an Ambassador for Wellness!

Will you be 1 of 3 lucky winners in 2014!? Winners will be announced in February, Training begins in March!

share your journey