Welcome to Days 8 & 9 of 31 Days of Mindfulness and Meatless October Challenge late post due to some recent travel for teaching and training ….

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Complex Training | Just The Tips | Training tips with Candice Maria

WTH is H.I.R.T.?  I can show you better than I can tell you…lol! Watch and learn!

Until next time….I AM CANDICE MARIA

The Beauty and the Barbell

In the final weeks leading up to my next competition, I decided to take on a personal challenge I found on bodybuilding.com by the founder of MusclePharm nutrition, Cory Gregory, called “Squat Every Day”. My legs have always been my most stubborn asset as a figure competitor, so taking on this challenge initially became my way of pushing my own limits and discovering how much I can transform my lower half for the day I step back on stage, but in reality has so much more meaning to me than just sheer exercise.

The following is an overview of the launch of my first week in this 4-week long challenge. Stay tuned for part 2, and in the meantime get off your butt and get under the bar and #SQUATEVERYDAY!

Day 1 of #SquatEveryDay Challenge – April 15th 2015

“Don’t be upset by the results you don’t get, from the work you didn’t do” ~ Unknown


I still put up fairly light weight compared to most, but I am pushing my limits with every day I get under the rack. Like any other career or art form, whether it be your job, your yoga practice or some other form of performance art,  bodybuilding is an art and a practice, that requires time and consistent effort. It’s a lifestyle, my lifestyle. I get up everyday driven by a need to be better than I was yesterday, better than I was last year, the last time I stepped on stage. I am driven by the capacity to push my body to new limits and never settle for societal limitations on my abilities. For me, squatting is more than just an exercise, it’s life coaching. It teaches you, that like in life, you put yourself under the bar, under the stresses and struggles of this world, and it will knock you down, but only the strong, get back up, time and time again! So I squat every day, not just to build the strongest most ripped legs possible, but because everyday life throws hatred, disrespect, and all walks of drama at me, and because I am strong mentally,  I GET BACK UP anyway! That’s why I #SQUATEVERYDAY, it reminds me that despite when circumstances may knock me on my ass, and I hit rock bottom, just how strong I truly am.


My current daily squat progression is as follows: Full Barbell Squat

65 x 10

95 x 10

115 x 10

135 x 5-10

155 x 5

175 x 5


So until next time…..Keep getting under the Rack, Keep SQUATTING and Keep getting Back Up every damn day!




Isolate and Grow: Nourish Your Goals – Part 2

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Click the InfoGraphic below to watch my challenge video submission and see why I love my #ISOBag!

iso video header

Until next time…#EatClean, #TrainDirty and #IsolateandGrow compliments of your very own #ISOBag on sale NOW at http://www.isolatorfitness.com



The Million Dollar Smile of a Dream Chaser

If you took a journey back in time in my life up to today, you would debate heavily the potential of this once round child transforming naturally into a competitive figure athlete.

1st Place Open Figure Tall NANBF Global Cup Championship

Bad or Good genetics? Neither its called get off your ass and stop making excuses.

Lift heavy...Lift often...Work

I have been asked recently was I just “genetically lean and built? However flattering, I simply replied,  nope, “just hard work and eating right”.

Sample Grocery Cart

People always want to tell me how much they already work out,  but when I ask about their nutrition and eating habits,  things get uncertain. “Oh I eat clean, I eat this, that, and the other!” Then I hit them with well how much are you eating? Are you getting enough protein? Limiting your simple carbs? And it’s “case closed”  nothing left to say or the excuses begin about how they can’t maintain this or that. The macros tell all! You have to adjust the diet in order to perform at optimal potential and see results from your workouts! Sometimes it requires sacrifice and at all times commitment,  something the majority of people just aren’t ready for.

Sample off season macros breakdown

I believe in clean flexible dieting. Flexible doesn’t mean go crazy and eat what you want, hence why I call it “clean”! Fuel your body with a wealth of healthy food choices of your liking! That’s the “flexibility” part!


So no I’m not a genetic miracle. This body wasn’t built overnight. It’s a testimate of focused dedication to my physique, my health and my future!

Until next time. .. #EatClean…#TrainDirty

~ I AM CANDICE MARIA ~ #AestheticallyAthletic

T-Walk 2014 NANBF Global Cup Championship

The following blog will show you step by step how I #IsolateandGrow with the help of my #IsoBag!


Step 1 : Stock up on healthy food and clean eats! Can’t eat healthy if your kitchen isn’t healthy!


Step 2: Pick a cooking day. Cook as much as you want to have ready in advance. I typically do 2 to 3 days worth because I’m in competition prep.


Step 3: Fill the handy containers. How nifty are these! I typically store what ive cooked and fill my containers nightly for the next day’s worth of meals.


If I know my schedule is going to be super hectic I will fill containers for 2 days worth of meals.

2 Days Competition Prep meals

Step 4: Refrigerate until morning or Pack your #IsoBag. If you filled your containers for the next day or several days just place everything in the refrigerator.


If you filled containers specifically for that day go ahead and pack your bag.


Step 5: Hit the ground running,  your #IsoBag has you covered! As a busy full time grad student, yoga teacher , fitness trainer, part time nurse and figure competitor staying fueled with healthy food on the go is essential to my success.

The following are just a few highlights from a typical day with my #IsoBag:

4:30 am workout at the gym
Study break in the park before class
Teaching yoga in the community

The list goes on! Trust the process,  trust the bag and #IsolateandGrow!

Until next time. ..#EatClean…#TrainDirty



Don’t forget to visit Isolator Fitness to vote for me to become your next #ISOAmbassador

So many times I’ve had people half heartedly say to me, “I need you to train me!” or “Oh, are you a trainer, well I want to get rid of my stomach,  belly fat, etc…..” the list goes on.  However,  I never entertain such statements because they are empty.  Not that I’m so high and mighty,  but because my time and skills have a value.

Professional Personal Trainer

In this post I have outlined 5 Very Important Steps to gaining the serious attention of a professional personal trainer. These steps are as follows:

1 – Be serious about your health and fitness level and have pre set goals in mind that you desire to attain. I can’t stress this point enough. I will refuse to train you if you’re not serious about the work at hand and making progress.

2 – Approach the trainer with a sincere need for their services. Please don’t waste my time or your own with foolish uneducated banter, hence step number one, Be Serious!

3 – Tell the trainer what your goals are and be specific. Vanity is not a goal, and neither is spot reduction, that’s something you tell a cosmetic surgeon (ie. Liposuction,  tummy tuck,  etc). Professional Personal Trainers are not in the business of “quick fixes” true transformation requires time and hard work!

4 – Have a strong work ethic. I can give you a plan but a willingness to execute the plan,  I can’t give you that, that’s on you.

5 – Have a set a deadline. Goals are the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result. Literally a destination or point marking the end of a race. So not only do you need a goal,  you need a deadline for reaching that goal.

So with that said,  I don’t ignore people’s statements like the examples above because I’m being arrogant,  I’m saving space in my schedule for the people that understand my 5 Step Process!


Until next time. …#EatClean…#TrainDirty!



Greetings Healthy People!

The “Trainer’s Corner” updates with Candice Maria are BACK!!!!!! Most of you I have been able to stay connected with via Facebook and other social media avenues, and others I may have lost touch with over the past several months as a lot has changed in my personal and professional life since the last “Trainer’s Corner” update in February!

So I am ecstatic to share with you what’s new for August and beyond, just in time for back to school!

Radiant Balance Yoga

A mobile and virtual yoga studio, owned and operated by yours truly, currently serving the Tuscaloosa county community. The following picture outlines our current live class schedule and locations, class styles and descriptions follow:


Flow #BacktoSchool this Fall with Ease! 📚📝📖📏📎📐📊📋📑📒

Join me in one or several of my #yogaclasses this August!

Several options, class styles, locations, and times to choose from across @tuscaloosacity :

Mondays: 10:30 am #YinFusionFlow and
5:30 pm #AshtangaBasics @yogablisstuscaloosa
7:20 pm #YogaBasics @BamaCheerXtreme

Tuesdays & Thursdays: 10:30 am #YinFusionFlow @BEWellNaturallyWellSpa

1st & 3rd Saturday ( August 2nd & 16th): 8 am – #GentleFlow @northridge_fit
9:30 am – #YogaandYogurt #OntheRiver @OrangeLeafTuscaloosa

Sunday August 17th 4pm: #YogaSunday #OpenAshtangaFlow @northridge_fit

CLICK HERE for Location addresses and Pricing!

Private yoga lessons available per request! CLICK HERE for Pricing.***

Personal Training Updates:

Hanging out with Torch Fitness co-founder, Ty and the staff of The AVE Tuscaloosa

I have been recently selected to join a national fitness training and nutrition team called Torch Fitness and Nutrition,  based out of Atlanta!

Through this organization I will be teaching yoga, spin and boot camp classes along with training clients at the following 2 residential locations in Tuscaloosa beginning in late August and early September:

The AVE Tuscaloosa – Highway 69 Tuscaloosa




2700 Capital Park – Downtown Tuscaloosa



Yoga and Fitness Classes are complimentary to residents and their personal guests at either property!

Pricing for any Personal Training or Private Yoga Lessons will be announced soon! ***

Personal training sessions and Private Yoga Lessons for non-residents of either facility will be held at The AVE Tuscaloosa fitness gym only.

***Pricing for Private Yoga Lessons subject to vary per length of sessions, number of sessions and location. Starting rate for private yoga is from: $40/hour. Personal training pricing will be determined by the Torch Fitness organization.

Competition Update:

This month marks my official return to the stage. I have 2 shows lined up that I have been aggressively preparing for:

August 23 – NANBF Trojan Classic – Troy, AL


September 27 – NANBF Global Cup Championship – Atlanta,  GA

Social Media Update:

Urban Obstacle Race Company

City Challenge Race Team: As an Ambassador Trainer and Team Leader for an urban obstacle race company called City Challenge Race, I am hosting month long FREE training on Instagram and Facebook to help people find simple ways to stay fit as well as prepare for the race on October 5 in New York City. Follow either my Instagram or Facebook page to see each day’s work out and participate in the challenge! I will be giving away a FREE Race Entry to the person who demonstrates that they have completed all of this month’s challenge workouts!

Also for those interested in joining me for the race in October, please visit the following LINK to register for the team named “LIVING FIT” with the promo code: IAMFIT to receive a $10 off discount.

Kaiteki Sandals


As a Brand Ambassador for an up and coming yoga clothing and accessories company I will be offering exclusive giveaways, contests, and discounts to friends,  family, clients and students.  Be sure to visit the LINK to check out their recent product launch!

This concludes your Trainer’s Corner Update for August! Stay tuned to my blog for fitness and nutrition tips throughout the month! Until next time Eat Clean – Train Dirty because Excuses Don’t Burn Calories! ~ The Fit Life



Have you checked your macros lately? Can you say off hand how many total fat grams, total grams of carbohydrates, and total protein grams you’ve consumed in a 24 hour period! I can and have to have 30 days worth of intimate conversations with and about them, with myself,  my body, my kitchen, and my coach. It’s a beautiful relationship,  because I know the end result is going to be amazing!


I have always been good about food journaling, but since i hit 30 days to the stage,  I have gotten so close with my macro’s relationship that we plan our futures together in black and white before the day even starts! Yeah that pic is my food journal macronutrient totals  for the next 24 hours, already planned out with total macros that I have already sent to my coach for his approval! Trust the plan, trust the process!

During all of this I reflect back on how i used to have to beg clients to send in food journals and on a weekly,  not even a daily basis,  and always got excuses. It would frustrate the heck out of me, because there’s no room to wonder why the results are not showing up from the workouts I would give some of them if they haven’t willingly changed their diets!


I write this and shake my head.  My how the tables have turned,  but needless to say,  nobody has to beg for mine, because I know how important it is to the overall process.


Yes, even trainers complete food journals,especially when we have our own fitness and athletic endeavors to achieve! It’s important to reaching your full potential in whatever you expect to achieve along your fitness journey,  regardless of your overall goal.


You don’t have to be prepping for the main stage to get to know the Macro’s intimately.  Heck just do it because you love your body and want to be mindful of what’s going into it everyday!


Until next time. ..#EatClean … #TrainDirty and #MeetYourMacros



Do you have #FitSwag?

#WhatsBeautiful? #LivingFit! #IWILL and because I live fit everyday I reap awesome rewards beyond just having a great physique and healthy body! I earned FREE Stuff too!


I began back in May of this year participating in an #UnderArmour #Instagram challenge called #SweatADay hosted by #UnderArmour sponsored athlete #ShaunaHarrison, PhD. Each day she posts a challenge workout or exercise related to general strength training, cardio, and/or yoga!

Participants in the challenge mimic and record each days exercise and post their variation of the day’s challenge exercise on their instagram account tagging the challenge host, sponsors, and using the designated #hashtags related to the challenge! I continue to participate in #SweatADay and this month she will be selecting #SweataDayAllStars from the posts of previous challenge winners!

Check out my #SwagBag gear from winning the challenge in May:

UnderArmourWomen Studio Lux Outfit
UA Womens 6 pack socks and Shoes
UA Womens Running Shoes, Duffle Bag, and "Sweat" Band

Through the challenges I have had the opportunity to meet a fun community of like minded fitness enthusiasts like myself and became a winner of the super awesome #UnderArmour #swagbag!

I also became so inspired by the challenges that as a fitness professional myself,  I decided to launch a few of my own and even acquired a challenge sponsorship in the process! See my post about the #LivingFitCityChallenge I’m hosting for an up and coming #UrbanObstacleRace company called #CityChallengeRace

I am giving away FREE Race entries to dedicated challenge participants along with featuring them here on my website as the #IAMaFitnessModel monthly feature! Visit my Fitness Model of the Month to meet last month’s #Instagram challenge winner who will serve as this month’s #ChallengeAmbassador!