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What’s up world! It’s been forever and a day since I have blogged or vlogged, so before the clock strikes midnight and 2016 escapes me without at least sharing something with you, I have compiled a little vlog of some of my reflections and thoughts on New Years Eve resolutions and just day in the life stuff related to my training regimen.

Happy NYE 2016 | Vlog Post

My goal for 2017 is to be more consistent in updating you all on my training and progress and just life in general. A lot has changed in my life over the past year that has kept me away from the keyboard or the video editor for that matter, so please forgive the rough entry as I’m just trying to get back into the flow of things and get back into a routine of sharing my “day in the life” fit life and life happenings with you all.

Stay tuned and as always until next time…..I AM CANDICE MARIA



If your gym doesn’t have one of these machines,  either start a fundraiser to help them get one or transfer your membership!…lol!

The Stairmill

This machine puts all other cardio gym equipment to shame! Think a non-stop mall escalator going down, but you’re supposed to be walking up! #ABEAST!

Don’t mess around and look at a TV or talk to the person next to you,  or check your iPod, or your ass will end up on the floor! This is not a machine for the casual exerciser, you know those people that camp out on cardio equipment,  phone in one hand, magazine in the other, headphones plugged into a TV with a remote close by! Stay the #effoffthismachine! You won’t make it out alive! It WILL eat you and your #effin’ magazines!


I haven’t witnessed this, I just have an issue with seeing people do “lazy cardio”  in the gym, okay pet peeve rant over! But I like having my “own machine” designed for the hardcore folks like myself,  however it still challenges your balance cause when your legs start to get tired there’s no stopping it, slowing it down, stepping to the side, like I see idiot treadmill walkers do! (Okay last pet peeve rant I promise!)

Even the “pause” button doesn’t truly stop this monster,  because it moves with the weight of your body on the steps,  so you have no choice but to keep stepping up, and go hard or it will spit you out on the effin’ floor!


I used to be a fan of other forms of “slow cardio” like the stairmaster or max inclined treadmill walking,  but since working for and working out at a new gym in recent weeks I have fallen in love with the Stairmill,  it’s like the best of both worlds,  plus my current  competition coach and mentor swears by it as a pivotal asset to my prep.

My Best Friend - The Stagehand

I even watched a #DLB video one day where she even endorsed the benefits of doing your cardio on the stairmill as a competitor.

So needless to say,  I’ll be climbing 5 days a week for 30 minutes until I hit the stage! My #StairwaytotheStage, just like in life, it’s just enough light for the step I’m on in the process!

Just my thoughts and a glimse into the #mindofamaniac #fitnessjunkie!

Until next time….#EatClean … #TrainDirty and #WORK! #HUSTLE! #KILL!