Counting down to my very first official posing clinic and competition prep workshop ever since I  began my figure competitor/fitness model journey in 2013…lol! Looking forward to the trip to Seattle and meeting with the coaching team of Physiques Northwest

Also just my thoughts and reasons on why I took a break from competing and my goals going forward, looking ahead into my future as a physique athlete and aspiring fitness model.



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Busy holiday shopping, cooking,  travel, and family time may not always leave time for a full out gym workout.

No jive turkey,  it can present a complex situation for your physique goals.

SOLUTION: My favorite go to work out,  I lovingly dubbed the name,  “A Complex Situation”


DISCLAIMER: This is not for the faint at heart or the non dedicated exercisers.

So what exactly is a “complex”: ‘one of the most advanced forms of sports training,it integrates strength training, plyometrics, and sport-specific movement. It consists of an intense strength exercise followed by or coupled with a plyometric exercise.'(Wikipedia)

Complex training focus: Explosive Power

Simply put: It’s plyo-strength training used mainly by speed and power athletes,  but you too can do it too and #OohKillEm! No Jive’s Done and you maintain a fit physique, even in the “off-season”:

Abs in the off-season - Complex Training

How you ask? The best part of this type of training is that it takes approximately 20 minutes or less to get a good burn going! “Complexes are a series of exercises done as one long circuit, without rest in between exercises.” ( Simple as that! QUICK & POWERFUL, 
like a speed and power athlete would perform! So, like in the throws of the championship game, stay in it, and finish strong!

Sprinting: Speed and Power - Complex training focus

The following complex training workout I designed, “A Complex Situation,” only takes 20 minutes if you’re diligent in staying in it until it’s over! That’s the key to the effectiveness of any complex training regimen,  sticking it out the entire time, no breaks, every round,all reps, and every set until it’s done! The amount of weight used, is up to your individual fitness level,   however because it incorporates upper and lower body movements at a fairly quick pace,  use your heaviest tolerable upper body lifting weight at the most, no jive turkey,  you try this with your max squatting weight, you won’t make it past round 1! Don’t be afraid to dial down until you get the movements right. The Form First Rule! Injury prevention!

A Complex Situation w/ Candice Maria

Also, as a side note, I have programmed the entire routine into the workouts database, so you can access the full workout template and log your progress if you are a member in the BodySpace community

Another benefit to complex training is the simplicity of not needing a lot of equipment. While a classic circuit will have you switching from station to station or machine to machine, a complex uses the same piece of equipment for each exercise for the entire workout. The equipment needed for this work out can be picked up at your local sporting goods store while you’re out holiday shopping. jive turkey you really have no excuses now!

No gym, No problem!

Why this method works? The beauty of
compound exercises! These are those exercises that use many muscle groups all at once. Thus, more muscle fibers are in action in one rep, vs in an isolation exercise. Training in this manner  increases the amount of calories your body needs to burn.

So before you grab a bite of that turkey dinner,  take 20 minutes and knock out this workout. Turn on your metabolic furnace before that bird hits your belly,  no jive turkey!



So with any level of success comes the topic most don’t like to talk about…. jealousy,  ignorance, and down right mess.

The spin off for this post will be on “Gym Pet Peeves” & “Gym Etiquette” which I will post eventually…lol,  as well as the prior post entitled “Unapologetic Swagger”

2014 IFPA/NANBF Global Cup Championship

In life if you aspire to reach beyond the mundane of comfort zones and live more than a mediocre existance you will be tested.

I call this the phenom of having ‘”Devils” among you’! These are the people who inadvertently and even intentionally do the following to your ambitions:

Distract – (verb) “to prevent (someone) from giving full attention to something.”
These are the people who will stop you mid workout with conversations and questions about your life,  what you do, your workout,  etc. Cut them short as before you know it they will talk you out of your next set or your turn on the stair mil.

Comment – (noun) “a verbal or written remark expressing an opinion or reaction.” These come out of the mouths of people who don’t know any better,  especially if they are negative.  The solution is to ignore them and laugh them off as ignorant.

Block –  (verb) “to make the movement or flow in (a passage, pipe, road, etc.) difficult or impossible.” Similar to the distractors, people who behave in this manner at the gym don’t talk, they watch and act. Literally stalk your workout looking for ways to become (noun) “an obstacle to the normal progress or functioning of ‘something’,” with that someone or ‘something’ being you, your workout,  and your progress towards your competition. Keep your eyes open and work the gym floor smart, fool them at their own games!

Criticize – (verb) “indicate the faults of (someone or something) in a disapproving way.” This may initially seem similar to “comment” but it’s on a whole different level! Someone who criticizes your ambitions issue not just a negative comment,  but one laced in judgement! These are harder to laugh off because they are usually delivered with “a force of,  they’re judgements of you are right and you better do something about it!” Usually issued in a more directive manner than a comment,  however both come from an ignorant mind. So fight the urge to acknowledge it! Examples I’ve experienced were direct criticisms about my body, the pointing out of flaws that I was already fully aware of, with the persistent advocation  of what I needed to do about it. The biggest issue is that, the critical person was neither my competition coach or a judge at any of my shows, and worse not even a competitor themselves. In fact they weren’t even fit!  So their criticism and advice ultimately no merit,  yet they blatantly pounded me with it, on the day before a competition.

So, the above outlines what I have personally experienced on this journey into natural bodybuilding. However,  these same types of people can be found in any ambitious endeavor you pursue in life, whether professionally,  academically,  or athletically.  Keep your eyes and ears open and stay prayed up. Do not be shaken by their ignorance.

Until next time. …#GracefortheJourney #PrayHard…#PrayOften….and #Elevate above the rest!


2014 Global Cup Championship - T-Walk

The First Show

So, I’m contemplating firmly about working my way back to the competition stage!

5 Weeks From Current Figure Show

The show I had in mind to do is now 5 weeks away on August 23,  I’ve decided to go ahead and put my foot down with myself and give it a try! Different organization this time,  a natural federation,  drug-free athletes only, level playing field, and I’ve also recruited the advice of a friend who’s also a coach and pro level competitor with the same federation who’s supplied me with some great tips along the way! #shoutout Ryan Davis, IFPA Men’s Pro Natural Bodybuilder !

Any who, back to the diet and meal prep!

Tuna and Green beans plus a drop of sweet potato
Cook in bulk and measure out portions

So my diet is exactly what I titled this post with the addition of a few other items to include fresh fruit/vegetable juicing!

My Skinny Juice - Leaning out Dropping the Fat

Yes it’s gonna be the same foods every single day,  but one thing I learned in yoga school and about ayurvedic and natural medicine is that a mono diet, a diet that consists of the same foods every single day over a specific period of time,  is the best way to learn what works best for your body,  create a state of healing and in the case of my figure, and possibly physique, competition training it’s the best way for me to see the results of my training and workouts in the gym!

NOTES: Super clean, super low fat.

Sample figure competition diet