Ask me no questions, I will tell you no lies about the goals I am chasing on this day….lol! No in all seriousness, I am officially 11 weeks away from my first competition in almost 2 years. After a 2 year break from the stage, I’m back at it again with a new focus, a new coach, and a new team…only God knows what’s in store for me in 2017!

Stay tuned…week by week prep progress videos are next….

Competition Prep Update | 11 Weeks Out | Vlog

10 Weeks Out | Progress Check-in | Vlog

Up next a quick weekly update regarding my second week of competition prep and whatever else is on my mind on a Friday morning at 5am. I am currently 10 weeks away from the stage…feedback from my coach after sending in today’s progress pictures was that everything looks good and on track to be ready for the show in May. Also, it has been decided that we are going to double up on this show and try a crossover category and do figure and bikini….so stay tuned.

9 Weeks Out | Progress Update & Gym Life Rants | Vlog

The following is my 9 weeks out from competition update and progress report! Plus random gym and fit life rants while stuck in traffic accompanied by the charm of Southern living! Enjoy…

8 Weeks Out | Figure Bikini Prep Update Pt.1 & 2 | Vlogs

Sneak peek into my countdown back to the stage….8 weeks out headed to posing practice plus a few progress pics.


7 Weeks Out | Figure-Bikini Prep | Vlog

Progress updates…countdown to the stage…7 more weeks! Lucky 7! LOL! Just a general update on where I am and where I feel I am headed with my prep, what I am anticipating after this week and waiting to find out what adjustments will be made with my nutrition among other aspects of the process!

Figure-Bikini Prep Vlog | 3 Weeks Out Update

This is it folks….the final 21 days until showtime have begun! Progress pictures and posing practice every week, plus upcoming nutrition changes..I’ve been MIA for a bit between week 7 and this week  due to work and school demands, so I am praying I can hold it all together by May 1st when the semester ends and I can take a break from the stresses of grad school at least and focus 110% on my prep for the show!

This is also the last weekly update video…the next vlogs in the next blog post will feature the final 24 hours leading up to showtime….Thanks for watching and until next time…

NPC BodyBe1 2017



Counting down to my very first official posing clinic and competition prep workshop ever since I  began my figure competitor/fitness model journey in 2013…lol! Looking forward to the trip to Seattle and meeting with the coaching team of Physiques Northwest http://www.physiquesnw.com

Also just my thoughts and reasons on why I took a break from competing and my goals going forward, looking ahead into my future as a physique athlete and aspiring fitness model.



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workout with Candice


NANBF Competition Weekend 2015 | Vlog Update

The up’s and down’s of competition life!  Competing is not all glitz and glam, and giggles, it’s rough, especially when you don’t have support or people who truly believe in you enough to be in the midst of the climb with you. This video is very emotional and contains some rough language, sorry not sorry, watch with caution

figure with weight
2015 NANBF Ms. Natural Alabama State Figure Champion

A video of one of my most memorable fitness adventures to date! AFAA workshop presenter, competition prep, my nursing career, fitness equipment face-off, motivation, and more!

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Ustrasana - CamelPose - Backbends - Spinal health

Numerous studies have already been conducted in India alone with promising outcomes for this global health epidemic.  🌏🌏🌏

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Meditation and Yogic breathing exercises

Welcome to the main stage! The 2014 NANBF Trojan Classic in Troy, AL. This post includes stage shots,  awards and what’s to come for ~ I AM CANDICE MARIA ~ ♡♡♡

Novice figure - pre judging
1st Place Novice Figure
Pre judging - figure open


I Earned this Bling
Still Shining!
1st Place Novice
3rd Place Overall

Next stop, revamped training and diet regimen and gunning for that pro card at the next show in September!  “Todo, we’re not in Kansas anymore!” No rookies over here! Welcome to the big leagues!

Until next time. … continue to #EatClean and #TrainDirty. ….Stay tuned for Part 4….



So the next five blog updates are related to my experiences leading up to my most recent competition last weekend!

So my final days before the August 23 show involved some really intense workouts,  stricter dietary requirements and a #toughlove speech from my competition coach as well as a friend of ours from my gym!

I truly appreciate their motivation though because it fuels my ambitions.  Both are pro natural bodybuilders,  so I take every piece of encouragement and advice they give me to heart and make good use of it! #ironsharpensiron! To make pro status you have to associate with pro’s!

So to relax under the pressures of my upcoming stage presentation I let my  #yogapractice be my guide!

Yoga Practice midst leg workout...

The day before the big show,  my coach commanded me to only do what’s important and keep my legs elevated, rest and take naps as much as possible. ..wake up #sleepingbeauty with #musclegains!

#datarmveintho ...lol!

Continuing to let my #yogapractice dictate my relaxation approach,  #ViparitaKarani or Legs up the wall became my go to asana of the weekend.

Bodybuilding Yogi - #ViparitaKarani (Legs up the wall)

Even at my #athletescheckin and #polygraph testing you could find me posted up with my legs up and of course rocking my Kaiteki Sandals discount codes coming soon exclusively for my blog followers, clients, family and friends so stay tuned! These shoes are awesome! So cozy!

The command from coach to rest as much as possible

#Pranayama anyone?….lol!  Low #bodyfat percentage and a #coldroom can make taking a #polygraph a little nerve racking….good thing I came bundled up, and practiced my #Ujjayi breathing so my shivering didn’t interfere with my heart rate during the test! I’m too #nattymuscle for a false test result to keep me from competing!

The pressures continues. ..no worries though. ..lol! #nattymuscle

Stay tuned for Part ll….