….Relax….Release….Let Go! 

“Won’t you come celebrate with me,  that everyday something has tried to kill me and has failed…” Lucille Clifton 

So this weekend I had the privilege of attending a beautiful yoga mini-retreat event entitled Starshine & Clay: A place for Women of Color to be led by one of my favorite yoga teachers and mentor Octavia Raheem at her Atlanta-based studio Sacred Chill West... It’s hard to believe that I’ve been sitting under the teachings of my beautiful yoga soulsister since 2013, from studio classes to yoga festivals, and each time its always an amazingly soulful and radiant experience…

With all that has transpired good and bad, positive and negative over the course of my 2017, this was a much needed pre-holiday season detox and refresher experience in preparation for the newness of 2018. I experienced an amazing yin yoga and meditation practice with yoga nidra, and  set my intentions for the holiday season as well as my plans for the upcoming year. I met so many amazing women and enjoyed a delicious fellowship dinner with them after the yoga practice compliments of catering from Atlanta-based vegan chef  Jamila Crawford Pecou of Earth Candy Arts

The pictures below are of the many delicious, vegan culinary creations listed in the menu above…

After a very nourishing night of a mindfully healing practice and delicious soul nourishing vegan cuisine, I can truly say that I am on my way to creating space in my heart and mind for the positive changes and exciting adventures that this holiday season and the start of 2018 have in store for me….

Its time to relax…release…and let go of 2017 and anything negative that may have happened this year, and to begin speaking intentionally to ourselves  and others as humans and as women.


“….I AM”








                                            …..light “

So until next time, continue to speak your truth, creating the kind of life that’s nourishing to your life as well as the lives of others, remembering this one truth, each day telling yourself …that “I AM love”…and that “LOVE is art” and a work of ART is surely what we are, “somewhere on the bridge between Starshine & Clay” (Lucille Clifton). 

So until next time,  just Breathe ….relax…release…and let go!

So, my yoga practice isn’t perfect,  sometimes I fall down.  Just like in real life, when you fall, bumps, bruises, and all what matters most is whether or not you get back up!

The following images depict my journey back up after a nasty spill in my practice back in June! The toe is all healed up, but the significance of this accident was that it occurred just a couple of days before I was scheduled to begin my first official job as a yoga teacher! Determined not to postpone my first day on the job, I bandaged that foot and babied my way back to the mat, continuing to practice for hours each day before my first scheduled day of class, even went to class the day before my scheduled class to practice with one of my soon to be colleagues and favorite yoga teacher. Needless to say I taught that first day with a band-aid on my toe and I’m glad that I did. It showed me just how strong I am and how much I love practicing and teaching yoga.

#PracticeStrong #PracticeOften #yogaeverydamnday! #Namaste!