Hellooooo SPRING!

Jump up and spring forward into your fitness goals! The weather is starting to change,  sun is shining longer, and the air is getting warmer!

So what’s that mean,  no more excuses! Get out there and start that resolution you’ve been talking about since January! Stop putting it off,  no excuses now. Can’t say oh its too cold to go outside and run, or its a hassle getting ready for the gym because of all the layers of clothes you have to wear. Nope can’t use those anymore! It’s tank tops and shorts weather now!


Road racing and road tripping! Outdoor boot camps and bodybuilding competitions. Whatever your fitness fancy spring to it!


Whatever you do this Spring,  do it with all your heart, because a year from now,  you’ll look back and wish you did!

#Live, #Love, #Lift…Until next time….


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